Huebner_image Aren’t trail cameras great! It’s almost like having x-ray glasses and being able to look at your Christmas presents under the tree to see inside. A hunting pal of mine, Tom Huebner, sent me the following two images from his trail camera on a property we hunt together in South Dakota.

This first image says it all. The big non-typical is feeding on an alfalfa field that nearly every whitetail, and mule deer, in the neighborhood is visiting. The buck appears to have a drop tine and several extra points adding to his total score. The second buck is one of a dozen in this category with a Pope and Young 5×5 frame, decent length on points and a sweeping main beam.

My first attempt at hunting this property will take place late next week during a bowhunt. I’m hoping to arrow one of these bucks, or another, but if I don’t, I’ll be back. I’ll also be filming on this property for North American Hunter and TruckVault Xtreme Hunts, both seen on Versus. On those hunts I’ll be armed with a rifle to even the odds.

Huebner_image_2 My strategy for the bowhunt is to focus on food sources in the evening and ambush bucks as they visit the rich food sources. My morning strategy will be to back off into the timber and set along rub lines and over scrapes. If there isn’t a scrape around I’ll make my own. Why? I want to make sure that if a buck saunters into bow range that something grabs his attention and stops him for a shot so I don’t have to stop him. If you try and stop a buck with a bleat or grunt, you may scare the pants off of him, or coil him to jump the string. Wish me luck!

Oh, and don’t forget to send us your own trail camera photos for a chance to win some great outdoor gear.**—Mark Kayser **