HPIM0570 As bowhunters, we all dream about connecting with a heavy-racked buck with super long tines and intimidating headgear. Bowhunting can be very demanding and it often takes a combination of hours in the field and learning from painful mistakes before the shot of a lifetime occurs. However, Kevin Harris of Ithaca, New York was able to close the deal on a giant New York buck very early in his five-year bowhunting career. This unbelievable top-heavy buck carried 15-scorable points and tipped the scales at 192 pounds, which is one heck of a whitetail anywhere in the country. Harris feels this bruiser could very well be his buck of a lifetime and right now he is one happy bowhunter.

IMG_4677 In fact, he couldn’t wait to share his story and pictures with the readers of the BBZ. As a dedicated bowhunter, Harris enjoys reading deer hunting articles and visits the BBZ site on a daily basis. These are exactly the kind of success stories from everyday hunters that we all love hearing about. I would like to say that all of us at the BBZ share Kevin’s excitement and enthusiasm about bow hunting and we would like to congratulate him on a phenomenal hunt. The buck will be officially scored in 60 days and we would all like to hear what kind of numbers this big boy will bring to the table. Keep us posted Kevin. – Travis Faulkner