INY 1 f you’ve checked in on the BBZ in the past few days, you’ve heard all about my tale of weather woes as it related to the opening weekend of New York’s firearm’s deer season. “Sucked” isn’t too strong a word. At my hunting club in Sullivan County, New York (an area once renowned as one of the finest whitetail hunting hot spots in the country), our members managed two dink bucks, one doe and a bobcat.

NY 2 Deer sightings were awful. Blame it on the weather, the moon, the rut stage—whatever. It’s got to get better. Here’s a pic of one of our dink bucks and another of a small, yet-legal, buck lounging in one of our fields on Sunday afternoon.

MO 1 Meanwhile, in Missouri, my dear friend, Ray Eye, slammed a couple of solid bucks on his lease. Nice deer, Raymond. Way to go.

MO 2 More reports to follow…….—Gerry Bethge