Any animal that is cornered or threatened can be extremely dangerous and deer are no exception. Under the right circumstances, Bambi can easily transform into a fire-breathing widow maker with a deadly medieval weapon mounted on its head.

Just ask Randy Goodman of Missouri how fast a rut-crazed buck with a massive rack on its noggin can change your whole outlook on life. During the Missouri gun season, Goodman made what he thought was a lethal shot at a heavy-racked bruiser that was chasing two does. The loud roar of the .270 sent the buck into a summersault, but amazingly the animal was able to get back up. The hunter steadied his aim for a quick follow up shot which dropped the buck in its tracks. The hunter cautiously approached his downed trophy and noticed the buck’s tongue was hanging out and blood was already beginning to seep out of its nose. A quick field dressing job was just about all that was left to do on this phenomenal hunt.


Consequently, Goodman was in for the shock of his life when he reached down and grabbed one side of the massive rack. Without warning, the buck sprang into motion and violently pushed the hunter down to his knees. Desperately, he tried to control the long tines of the antlers as the buck forcefully shook its head in a consistent right to left motion. Eventually, the buck managed to break free from the hunter’s death grip and ran its rack directly into Goodman’s scalp. With blood pouring down his face and still addled from the heavy blow, he grabbed his rifle and quickly put two more rounds into the enraged buck. Finally, the 15 seconds of utter hell was over and a trip to the emergency room would end this Missouri hunter’s worse nightmare. This was definitely a bad to the bone 140-class, 9-pointer that Randy will never forget. He still has the scars from all of his stitches and staples to remind him that Bambi can be pretty bad when he wants to be!–Travis Faulkner