Craziest Buck Photos You've Ever Seen!

Our inbox runneth over with deer photos of every kind--especially during deer season. They range from pics of ridiculously huge bucks to the absurd. Here are a few of wildest from just the past few days.

Chris Wood of Des Moines, Iowa took this giant of a non-typical a couple of weeks ago. The 33-pointer scores in the mid-250s

You know how sometimes bucks hold so very tight in cover that they'll let you walk right past them? Sadly, this buck must have been thinking that the same tactic would work with this combine. Ouch!

One of the prettiest bucks we've seen is this big palomino-colored 8-pointer. Can you say, "full body mount?"

In an attempt to learn more about this buck, we circulated this photo around the office and beyond but have thus far come up empty. Most everyone identified it as "that Amish buck"--no doubt due to the buggy in the backround. Well, it's not THAT Amish buck. Crazed rack.

BBZ'er John Mueller sent us this pretty cool trail camera photo of this gnarly-horned buck that he's been seeing near his stand on a regular basis. He's just waiting for the second bow season to open so that he can nail him.

One of our favorite Big Buck Zones is northern Missouri, but this bruiser went down near Springfield and carried some 26 points.--Gerry Bethge