Without question, post-season scouting allows you to pinpoint big buck sign like old rub-lines, dried out scrapes and worn trails. These clues really stick out this time of year and can help you piece together the puzzle of where Mr. Big will be hiding out next fall. However, the best thing about combing the woods during the late winter and early spring months is finding sheds. Wrapping your hands around a rack that is sporting bases the size of pop cans and super long tines is enough to bring back whitetail fever. This is exactly what happened to me last weekend after revisiting one of my favorite deer hunting hotspots not far from my home.

Ironically, I found a nice set of antlers not 50 yards from where my treestand was located last December. Both sheds were found together and appear to be dropped from a low-160-class, 8-point that matches up perfectly on both sides.


At this point, I was feeling pretty good about next year’s prospects until my good friend Michael Petrey stopped by with a pair of sheds he had found. This buck’s rack was unbelievable and had just about everything a whitetail addict could possibly want or even dream about. I am talking about a rack with 20 scoreable points and all kinds of character. The rack is loaded with kickers, stickers and heavy trash kicking off all sides of the main beams. (He screwed them to a deer skull, by the way) I guess next season, I will find out just how close of friends Michael and I really are when opening day rolls around! On a side note, I’ve not measured the rack yet and was wondering what everyone thought this bad boy would score?

Find any sheds yet? When you do, send us your photos. We’d love to see them.