It’s amazing just how far science and technology have come in recent years in our rapidly changing world. High-tech computers, cell phones and other advanced technological innovations are everywhere you look today. However, it seems to me the one thing that has not tagged along with our fast paced society is basic common sense. Recently, we ran a piece on the BBZ that highlighted a proposed deer management plan from an anti-hunting group known as “In Defense of Animals” that was anything but logical. This group outlined six simple steps that supposedly would balance whitetail herd numbers without the “barbaric” practice of hunting or money that is generated from sportsmen. In my opinion, this advanced management plan has more problems than a crooked politician trying to explain the current state of the economy.

Here is a common sense breakdown of why a plan like this would never work:

Step 1: Ban all sport hunting nationwide. This brilliant move would lead to major crop devastation, increased vehicle collisions, starvation and disease. Plus, it would shutdown all state ran wildlife resource agencies, management areas, re-introduction stocking practices and other vital nature oriented programs. All of which are paid for by revenue generated by hunters.

Step 2: Re-introduce natural predators such as mountain lions and wolves to balance the herd. The people who support this step would be crying the loudest when the predators eventually overpopulate. When pampered household pets have been turned into bite sized snacks and a few joggers get mauled by a hungry mountain lion, then we’ll see how much these enlightened individuals like their plan.

Step 3: Allow fires to burn naturally in wildlife areas. Fires do spark new growth of plants and vegetation that is good for wildlife, but it also destroys whitetail bedding and protective cover. In addition, valuable homes and businesses would be lost if these fires burn out of control, which will cause insurance rates to dramatically increase.

Step 4: Prevent humans in residential areas and state parks from feeding deer. First of all, how would these laws be enforced and who’s going to pay for it?

Step 5: Outlaw clear-cut logging. I don’t like acres of trees being demolished either, but how can you prevent logging on private land?

Step 6: Construct 8-foot high electric fencing around crops and plants. The skyrocketing food prices that would result from this unrealistic project would really help our ailing economy right about now. Can you imagine how many miles of fence it would take? In my opinion, this plan sounds like something straight out of fantasy land and lacks any hint of common sense.

How about we just stick with what works and support the hunters of the world? In one year, hunters do more for wildlife than any loud mouth anti-hunting group could accomplish in a dozen lifetimes. Pass It On!