The buzz and hubbub of the alleged giant buck found recently in Kansas has stirred the pot on just how big a whitetail can grow in the wild. Whether this monster will be legitimized through a Boone and Crockett review is still in question, but there’s no doubt that most whitetail experts believe the current non-typical world record of 333 7/8 points will be surpassed.

More land is being actively managed for maximum whitetail potential than ever before in modern history. How much bigger a new giant will score is still in debate.

Behind the fence it’s a different story. Whitetails have been busting past 300 inches with regularity. Last year a whitetail in Wisconsin has pushed past the 400-inch mark and you have a chance to watch him develop his colossal rack. The Flees Family, owners of Wilderness Whitetails, is posting updates on the growth of their buck named Sudden Impact at In 2008 the buck grossed 406 inches and in August of that year the buck was adding an astonishing 6 inches of antler per day! What’s even more impressive is the fact the buck was only 2 1/2 years old.

Mossy Oak Biologic ( is aiding in this buck’s history-making venture, but superb genetics and a lifestyle that’s more pampered than a White House pet help this stud push the envelope of whitetail reality.

It’s doubtful a wild whitetail would be able to achieve this milestone given the volley of hunting pressure, environmental stress and accidental risks it must navigate annually. It’s possible on an expansive and highly regulated property, but not where the majority of hunters trod.

Sudden Impact is simply an example of how breeding programs have advanced. You enjoy the same benefits every time you bite into a juicy steak or burger. Even if you’re not a proponent of captive breeding programs, you have to admit. It’s an astonishing sight to see Sudden Impact’s headgear.