Recently, I spent a few vacation days bass fishing on Kentucky and Barkley Lakes. The topwater action just after daylight and right at dark was very explosive to say the least. My family and I were able to catch a boatload of bass, but it was hard to concentrate on the fishing with all of the velvet bucks running around. The Land Between the Lakes region has just the right combination of hardwoods, thickets, woodlots and agricultural fields to produce some top-heavy bruisers.

About a week of seeing bachelor groups of bucks in full velvet was more than enough to get me fired-up for the upcoming season. In fact, lately I’ve been spending all of my free time in the field scouting for the upcoming early archery season. The summer months are the perfect time to glass field edges and cool watering holes for giant pre-season bucks. Here are some hot-summer scouting tips that can help you pinpoint and pattern some shooter bucks right now.

1.Ignore the Heat

Without question, 100 degree weather can keep a lot of us indoors with the air-condition running full blast. However, ignoring the heat and spending a little time scouting can payoff with a monster buck on opening day. The trick is to scout smarter not harder during the summer months. For example, throw a good pair of optics into your truck and cruise potential hunting areas during the late evening hours. Focus on summer food sources like apple trees or agricultural fields when the temperatures start cooling down. After locating a bachelor group of bucks, try sneaking into the food source during the midday hours and hang a trail camera near possible buck entry trails. Secluded watering holes and mineral-lick sites can also be hotspots to setup trail-cam surveillance.

**2.Create Some Options **

With deer hunting, you should never place all of your eggs in one basket! Concentrating on one hunting location or a single buck can potentially be a painful and costly mistake. Hunting leases can be broken, buck patterns can change on private or public-land, and it’s possible your buck can fall victim to another hunter’s arrow. This is exactly why you need to have several different hunting locations and shooter bucks located during the summer months. Scouting right now to create multiple hunting options and choices can be the best move you make all season. Keep us posted on the BBZ about how your summer scouting is going so far.