I’m in the Sooner State this week going after a big Oklahoma whitetail with a Thompson/Center muzzleloader and so far while I’ve had some close calls, I’ve yet to seal the deal. It’s my first muzzleloader hunt in a couple of years and I have to admit to being excited about getting to trade out my bow for a few days here in October.

The weather has been what you would expect here–windy–with yesterday’s 40 mph blow threatening to turn our H.S. Boiler Room blinds into box kites. (The Balloon Boy would have had nothing on these rides.)

After three days of hunting, we have four bucks down including a wide 10-pointer taken on camera the first evening by Hunter’s Specialties’ Rick White and another wide-racked eight shot by T/C’s Craig Cushman.

Used to spending more deer season time in a treestand than anywhere else, the wide open terrain leased by Todd Rodger’s Rut-N-Strut Guide Service is open, hilly and has few tall, straight trees for a stand. This is an area tailor-made for blind hunting (or even spot-and-stalk), and I have to admit, after just a few days, I really like the concealment and portability these blinds provide.

There’s something to be said for being able to sit back, stretch out, spread your gear out and even scratch if you want to without being spotted. Properly brushed in and the deer hardly even notice them, too, quickly growing as used to their placement as a piece of parked farm equipment.

Stay tuned this week as I report from Oklahoma on how the hunt goes and what I learn that might help your hunt this season as well.

Be sure to share your big buck (or even fat doe) stories with me as well and I’ll do my best to share them with other Big Buck Zone fans. Email me at