As hunters in several states prepare for their firearms season openers, reports of some absolute stud bucks are streaming into the Big Buck Zone from around the country. Just take a look at this Indiana beauty sent to us by Tim Lord.

“It was on opening day, this past Saturday, Nov. 14th in Huntington County in Northern Indiana,” says Tim. “I was hunting our 250-acre family farm where we grow corn, beans and premium grade alfalfa for a local dairy farm. I was in a Pop-up ground blind on a ridge overlooking our big creek bottom at 2 in the afternoon when I saw this big 11 point running and chasing a hot doe. They ran right up to me and we’re going to race on by. It was bright, sunny and warm, around 60 degrees.

“I stopped him by mouth with a doe bleat and shot him in the neck at 18 yards with my 50 Caliber CVA. It was the only shot I had. He dropped in his tracks.

“The buck had a 20-inch spread, G2’s & G3’s are 11 and 10 inches. I’ll be getting this officially scored after the drying period. His live weight was about 265 and we aged him at 6 1/2.”

Awesome buck, Tim! Congratulations from the Big Buck Zone.