Day 2 of the New York State whitetail season was a mirror-image of the first–clouds and a semi-balmy 45 degrees at sunrise. After seeing just a handful of deer on the first day, I hoped that the second might bring a bit more action, but I was disappointed. Saw four does on the morning sit and out hunting party’s deer-sighting total for the a.m. was just 6 including a small 6-point.

In terms of shots heard? Another quiet morning in our area which is a little over an hour south of Buffalo. Four shots fired within hearing distance seems to indicate that deer just have not been on the move. Meanwhile, our buddy John Kelly hunting a bit north of us and his hunting party saw upwards of 75 deer on the opener, but not a shooter buck in the bunch.

Tomorrow is the Pennsylvania bear opener and we’ll be in western PA on a traditional Keystone State bear stand at first light.