Proving that you’re never too old to hunt, 90-year-old Delores Wilhelms got her buck for the second straight year. The Wisconsin granny connected on a 9-point buck earlier this month using a crossbow. Last year, after sitting out hunting for years after her husband passed away, Wilhelms’ neighbor, Ron Haessly, helped the woman return to the woods. She was successful in her initial return to the woods taking a buck with her crossbow then as well. The feat earned Wilhelms a write-up in the pages of Outdoor Life.

Meanwhile, across the country on Oct. 8, another grandmother, Doris Baumann, who also hadn’t hunted since her husbands passing returned to the Nevada’s high desert at the behest of her sons. After missing church one day to hunt, Mrs. Baumann, 75, made a fantastic 250-yard shot on a 4×4 mule deer.

“I took the picture of the deer to my church, because I wanted everyone to know why I wasn’t at the meeting that day,” Baumann told the Record-Courier newspaper.

Congratulations ladies. You’re an inspiration to all of us.