We here at the Big Buck Zone promised to keep you apprised and updated on some of the monster bucks shot across the country this fall. Here’s the latest on the big Wisconsin deer we told you about last week directly from the good folks at Boone and Crockett Trophy Watch…..

“Numerous recent articles have been brought to our attention claiming that this buck has a green score higher than the Milo Hansen World Record Typical. While it is indeed a very impressive trophy for any hunter with any method of harvest, it unfortunatley will most likely not approach the 200 inch mark for typical whitetail deer. It has an unmatched point on the left side of the rack and a point off from the normal G2 on the right side. For the typical category, these will both be abnormal points and therefore deductions. From the photo’s we have seen, a non typical score of low 200’s is possible but a typical score of over 213 does not seem realistic.”