Thursday, November 19

I have never seen a crew work so hard to clean a camp in my life. This is an interesting situation because the 3-day Illinois gun season opens tomorrow, and the last of the bowhunters are still in their treestands. All of their gear is packed and out on the front porch as the new gun hunting group will arrive before the bowhunters get back in from the woods. The Hadley Creek staff absolutely scrubs this place. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. The even wipe ever chair leg and garbage can in the place. Ron, the camp manager just scrubbed the front porch on his hands and knees! As I’ve said before, the attention to detail at this place is out of this world.

At 11 am Scott Bradshaw (Operations Manager) and I went to the farm that Eric and Pete were hunting to move them from their timber stands to food plot stands for the evening. Four straight days of rain has turned everything into a muddy mess and when moving Eric our Bad Boy Buggy almost didn’t make it out of the hollow. We had Eric (in all of his hunting gear) riding on the front rack just to try and get us up the hill. As you can tell from the video, we are a little slap-happy at this point.

The text messages I just received are promising as the boys are seeing deer move already. I’ll keep you posted!

In fact, the Big Buck Zone will keep you posted throughout the next couple of weeks LIVE! First stop is western New York where Deputy Editor Gerry Bethge will spend the weekend hunting whitetails before heading to Pennsylvania for the black bear opener. Reports throughout the weekend and next week!