On November 21st, 11-year old Tristan Greene couldn’t wait to hit the woods for the Ohio youth deer season in Clermont County. The boy and his father were hunting a patch of woods directly behind their home where the two had been seeing several nice bucks. During the first morning, a little frustration began to set in when the pair failed to see a single deer. Tristan and his father decided to leave the stand for a quick lunch and head back to the woods for an evening hunt. Finally, nearly an hour later, a slick headed doe stepped into the field about 85 yards from their double stand setup. Tristan took a deep breath and tried to steady his Remington 20-guage shotgun for the shot. His father eagerly watched as the slug kicked up dirt just under the doe’s belly.

As you can imagine, a sickening feeling of disappointment overcame the young boy as his father explained to him what had went wrong during his first miss. A few short minutes later, lady luck smiled on Tristan when a buck of a lifetime suddenly appeared. The top-heavy bruiser entered the field about 30 yards away with its head completely down to the ground. This time Tristan made his second shot count and an echoing thud confirmed a solid hit on the monster. Tristan and his father were able to recover the massive 20-point buck just after dark with the help of a family friend. You can bet your bottom dollar that this father and son team was on top of the world when their lights first hit the enormous rack of this Ohio super stud. All of us at the BBZ are proud of you Tristan for hanging in there and having the cool to shake off that first miss. Congratulations on one heck of a buck! On a different note, what do all of you think Tristan’s buck will score after the drying period? Be sure to post your best guess.