Yes, I get to spend all weekend with this man.

The next big hunting extravaganza of the year – at least on my calendar – is the Houston Safari Club’s 2010 Worldwide Hunting Expo & Convention, which is oddly enough, not held in Houston but in an outlying Master Planned Community known as The Woodlands. But rest assured potential attendees, although located roughly an hour’s drive north of downtown Houston, The Woodlands still holds plenty of what makes H’Town special; warm and friendly people, beautiful women, stifling humidity, and mosquitoes the size of alley cats. Trust me – I used to date a girl that lived there.

For three days and two nights the Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center will come alive with hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of participants celebrating the sporting lifestyle. Attendees can visit with exhibitors representing hunting, fishing, and the outdoors on six continents, chat with hunters, enjoy free seminars, and party at special evening banquets and concerts. As if that isn’t enough for one Outdoor Life blogger to enjoy I also have the added pleasure of staying with my book publisher this weekend. I can only hope that this won’t be the weekend that his neighborhood committee decides to take physical action against him for his lack of interest in his lawn, the peeling paint on his house, or his mailbox that has stood broken for coming up on three years now.

Check back over the next few days as I report from the convention floor and my publisher’s spare bedroom. At least I hope that’s where he plans on my sleeping.