Home of the Cowboys.

The Ewings.

And an ever-growing Yankee population.

Here, on the high Texas plain, under a constant cloud of Mark Cuban’s complaints and whines is the second largest hunting convention on the planet; the Dallas Safari Club’s 2010 Convention & Sporting Expo. Over a four day period more than an estimated 24,000 people will meet with over 1,000 vendors selling everything from six-figure priced hunts to equally priced custom rifles to Amazon fishing trips. Also available for those with an Everest-sized disposable income are $6 beers, $12 well drinks, and $10 sandwiches.

But not everything at the convention is priced out of reach.

For those of us that still watch television on a set the size of an engine block there are plenty of reasonably priced hunts, firearms, equipment, clothing, publications, and art. There are also free seminars from the likes of Larry Weishuhn, Chris Dorsey, Craig Boddington, and the opportunity to speak with guides, outfitters, and like-minded hunters from around the world.

Check back over the next few days as I report on the good, the bad, and the spray-tanned from the convention floor.