The Price Is Wrong

For years, game show host Bob Barker concluded each episode of “The Price Is Right” by advocating the spaying and … Continued

For years, game show host Bob Barker concluded each episode of “The Price Is Right” by advocating the spaying and neutering of pets. He has always been outspoken about his personal views relating to animal rights and their protection. In fact, it was reported that Barker once demanded a zoo in North Carolina shut down a bear exhibit and he even funded an anti-whaling ship to police the open sea. As a hunter, hearing these stories about Barker’s causes and personal crusades never really caught my attention or surprised me for that matter. Basically, I’ve learned that many of the folks and so-called “celebrities” hanging out in Hollywood are just a different breed. I guess it must be difficult to keep a firm grip on reality in the land of make believe with all of the bright lights and glamorous stars. This has to be true, because why in the world would Barker donate $2.5 million to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or (PETA) for the renovation of their new office building?

Ironically, Bob’s hard-earned cash is not being spent on a high-tech veterinarian clinic or homeless shelter for animals that have been abused and abandoned. This unbelievable sum is not even going to help state wildlife agencies pay for re-introduction stocking programs, habitat improvement projects, or biological studies. Wait a minute, I almost forgot that PETA has never really helped fund or pay for projects that would actually be beneficial to wildlife. For good reason, all of those bloodthirsty hunters pay for these projects and help maintain a healthy balance in nature. Consequently, PETA has decided the best use for this money is to open the new “Bob Barker Building” in Los Angeles. This building will be utilized as the center for PETA’s media, marketing, campaign and youth outreach departments.

In reality, PETA is more concerned about forming relationships with high-profile celebrities and staying in the media spotlight. They will spend millions to brainwash today’s youth about hunting, but not a penny on projects that would actually help animals. Barker would have gotten a lot more bang for his buck by donating that check to a state-ran wildlife agency or to an organization like the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF). These two groups would definitely use the money to implement programs that are beneficial to wildlife. Sadly, misinformed groups like PETA are more about enlightened speeches and talking than actually doing something that makes a difference. Surprisingly, PETA is enrolling record numbers of new members near my hometown in Kentucky. However, where I come from our PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals!