Another Late Season Giant

Over the years, my good friend Spook Spann has taken some phenomenal bucks that would absolutely make your jaw drop … Continued

Over the years, my good friend Spook Spann has taken some phenomenal bucks that would absolutely make your jaw drop and heart rate kick into overdrive. This whitetail magnet eats, sleeps, and breathes deer hunting. In fact, he probably spends more time up a tree than a squirrel and it’s this kind of dedication that has wallpapered an extra large trophy room with bone. Spann enjoyed another successful season last year and was able to make several top-heavy bruisers eat some dirt. However, it was a giant he tagged right at the buzzer that really grabbed my attention. There is no doubt that any buck carrying around 160-inches of antler will make your trigger finger itch just a little. Now, try to imagine running into a perfectly racked 8-pointer with those same dimensions. Consequently, this is exactly the caliber of deer that Spann encountered during a late-season archery hunt in Kentucky.

By the time January hit the Bluegrass State, temperatures had dropped through the floor and hunting conditions were extremely tough. Spann had located some super hot buck sign and felt good about his chances of punching one last tag. This particular deer was sticking to a textbook bedding to feeding pattern that could be exploited under the right conditions. For most of the season, the 8-pointer had followed a strict nocturnal schedule that made it almost invincible. However, Spann was hoping the icy cold temperatures would make the buck ease off the bed before dark to feed. The late-season is one of the best times to connect with a veteran buck that has transformed into a master escape artist. Depleting winter food sources, cold weather, and limited outside hunting pressure can make the post-rut period a magical time to be in the woods.

Within minutes of climbing into the stand, a doe slipped out of a cedar thicket and began slowly working its way toward Spann’s position. Unfortunately, a swirling wind allowed the doe to catch a slight whiff of the hunter’s scent. At this point, Spann began to wonder if the alarming actions of the spooked doe would ruin his hunt. Doubt and second guesses flooded his mind, but something told him to stick with it and stay in the stand. This decision paid off big about 30 minutes later when the giant high-racked 8-pointer materialized out of the thick entanglement of weeds and brush. Without hesitation, Spann pulled his bow to full draw and let an arrow fly toward the nocturnal nightmare that had been keeping him awake at night. One perfect shot ended this diehard bowhunter’s season on a very high note. The buck scored just over 160 and will look great hanging on Spook’s wall. On a side note, Spook pinpointed this buck’s sign and core living area during the early months of spring. Right now is a great time to locate a shooter for next season. With that being said, have any of you been finding any promising deer sign or monster sheds yet?