The Outdoor Life Bow Giveaway quiz was tough, but with a brand new PSE X-Force Axe 6 (2010 Outdoor Life Great Buy) and a Mathews Z7 (2010 Outdoor Life Editor’s Choice) on the line, you had to expect that it would be. After sorting through hundreds upon hundreds of quiz submissions from users, we have our winners.

In fact, we have six winners, all of whom achieved a perfect score of 21 out of 21 correct answers. These six finalists will now be asked to submit one caption apiece for the photo that appears with this blog post. The photo was taken by Trent Gladson of Torrington, WY and was a submission in the Outdoor Life Photo Contest.

We’ve reopened the quiz if you’d like to go back and see the answers: Click here >>

Here are the finalists:

Chiefus Maximus
e.fryday –
Jason Cook
camp robards

The finalists will have until midnight on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 to email us their captions, which will be judged by the Outdoor Life editors. If you have questions, email us at


Only the captions e-mailed by the finalists will be judged, but feel free to leave your own caption in the comments box below. Good luck to the six finalists!