I have a public service announcement of sorts to share and since I’m not above shameless self promotion the Outdoor Life Big Buck Zone offers a perfect news platform. Here’s the announcement.

I’ll be hosting a new hunting show beginning Sunday, June 27 at 8 p.m. (Eastern). “Extreme Pursuits” is the show title and my friends at Thompson Arms are the title sponsors. The action will unfold on the Pursuit channel. Currently the Pursuit channel is on Direct, but Dish will be picking it up in 2011. Some cable companies also carry Pursuit and are willing to route it to other companies if enough people demand it.hint, hint.

Here are the nuts and bolts. The show is primarily big game hunting with a touch of predator action planned for future episodes. I plan to focus heavily on whitetails and some muleys, plus hopefully chase elk whenever the licensing gods shine. The occasional oddball hunt will also arise, but rest assured everything is geared toward hunters looking for action without breaking the bank. The series premiere includes in-your-face whitetail rattling action.

One thing that I believe viewers will find helpful are the “Equipment Room” and “Extra Mile” tips built into the show format. I’ll highlight specific gear for each hunt that needs to be considered along with strategies or tips required for success. Although the equipment and tips correlate with the hunt at hand, they definitely have relevance for any big game hunt.

I admit I’m not a digital or social networking authority, but I also realize the importance of connecting with the hunting community. In addition to the new show I also have a new website called Mark Kayser Online. You’ll find information about the new show, other projects I’m working on, blog links, background, photos, video links and ways to connect. Visit it and let me know what you think.

Therein ends my public service announcement. Thank you. You can now return to your previous internet wandering.