During my younger days, I can vividly remember busting out of a hoop that was being held by varsity cheerleaders and running onto the gym floor under the bright rays of a spotlight beam. The crowd would go crazy as the names of the starting five were blasted from the loudspeakers, which really kicked my adrenalin into overdrive. Those old high school pep rallies during my glory days would really get me fired up, cranked up, and ready to rock before a big game. Unfortunately, I don’t have any energetic cheerleaders on hand or a gym full of screaming fans to help get you pumped up for the opening day of deer season. However, I do have an amazing picture and some mind boggling measurements that will definitely make you want to go climb up a tree right now with your bow.

It’s safe to say that most of us are starting to feel that tingling sensation running up and down our trigger fingers. All of us have been super busy hanging trail-cameras, glassing early-season food sources, and shooting our bows in the hot summer sun. Consequently, I’ve been fighting record setting heat over the past few days, which has made it a little difficult to stay motivated. After a long week of work, I even thought about sleeping late this Saturday and hanging stands next weekend when things are supposed to finally cool down. However, I was sent an old picture of a phenomenal buck that will probably make it hard for me to sleep at night.

When Neil Morin was about 16 years old he came across a monster in a wheat field that could potentially make any deer hunter go into cardiac arrest. Somehow the young hunter was able to keep his cool and shoot a buck that most of us will only get to dream about. The awesome Alberta whitetail carried pop can thick bases and sported brow tines that would measure right at 14-inches. Morin’s trophy ended up scoring just under 280 and the mere sight of its massive rack will make you have to fight for your next breath. I’ve just got one question for my friends on the BBZ. Are you pumped up yet?