It’s no secret that I’m a native of the Rushmore State, formerly the Sunshine State and oftentimes referred to as the pheasant capitol of the world. I could come up with more, but let’s get to the point. South Dakota has great whitetail hunting.

It’s home to the Dakota subspecies of whitetail, one of the largest body-sized species to roam North America. With the large body size alsocomes large antler size and although South Dakota is fairly liberal with licenses, it’s not at all impossible to find a 4 ½-year-old buck during hunting season. Most 4 ½-year-olds are darn nice due to the agricultural bounty while they are growing velvet antler.
If you plan to hunt South Dakota, or any state for that matter, research can
be a stressful dilemma. The other day I stumbled across a website directly
relating to hunting this prairie oasis. The site is and includes links and information for all species, but as you might imagine, whitetails garner plenty of attention in the state.

You’ll find general information such as maps, hunting applications, regulations, application deadlines and season dates, but you’ll also find news releases and
articles to round out your hunt for information. Most importantly, you’ll find a forum where you can toss questions out to others hunters.

I’m always amazed at the number of hunters willing to share information with
fellow hunters when I visit forums on the web. If you haven’t visited a forum and chatted with your hunting brothers I recommend you check it out whether it is on or another state website set up for a similar sharing of information.

Check out the site and you just might discover another place to pursue big bucks. I can guarantee you that you’ll discover a pheasant wonderland if nothing else.