Some of you have already tagged a buck or doe this season. Congratulations.The rest of you, including me, are about to begin tagging the bulk of the whitetail harvest as firearm seasons begin opening up in November and December. Let the harvest begin.

If you’re planning on putting piles of venison in your freezer, I ran into a contraption you might just want to look into if you process your own game. It’s the Oliso Frisper ( What is it you ask? In short, it’s a compact vacuum sealer that sucks the air out of freezer bags to reduce the size of packaging, keeps food fresh and prevents freezer burn. You simply fill the multi-layer fridge and freezer bags that come with the vacuum sealer, insert them into the machine. It does the rest.

If you think it might be spendy to purchase a product just for processing wild game, think again. You can add attachments such as a vacuum stopper for wine, olive oil and vinegar for extended freshness. It also works great to re-seal jams and other homemade preserves. Plus, you can suck the air out of dry goods that sit on pantry shelves for weeks on end such as rice or beans.

Here’s the best use after wild game processing. You can use the machine to suck the air out of clothing inserted into bags to reduce the size and bulkiness of your clothing. The fine folks at Oliso are researching larger bags as you read this to accommodate bulkier hunting clothes like you and I take on a plane. This can allow you to take more clothes and vacuum seal your meat after the hunt.

I’m doing another round of home butchering next week (if I’m successful) and I’m putting my new vacuum sealer to work to extend the life of my venison cache well into next summer.