One of the great things about writing for Outdoor Life’s Big Buck Zone is having the opportunity to interact with other hunters all across the nation. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to make a lot of new friends through the process of responding to viewer comments and emails.

For example, a BBZ fan named Terry Partin and I have shared numerous conversations about deer hunting, tactics and gear online. Recently, Partin sent me an email containing some very impressive pictures of a giant buck he tagged in Kansas with his bow a few days ago. With that being said, I could hardly wait to share his hunting story with the rest of my blood brothers on the BBZ.

For the past couple of seasons, Partin has been making an annual pilgrimage to the big buck state of Kansas. In the past, these trips have produced many action-packed bow hunts and super close encounters with top-heavy bucks. Last fall, Partin actually dropped a nice 140 class buck with his bow. After experiencing the sweet taste of success, he couldn’t wait to return to the area again for an early November hunt.

On his second trip, he would be hunting the inside corner of a narrow wooded strip that connected two different corn fields. The area was covered up with hot sign and Partin immediately started seeing deer upon settling into his stand the first morning. The following evening, two slick-headed does and some smaller bucks showed up and began feeding on acorns directly below his tree. All of the deer activity and fresh sign made Partin feel confident about his chances of connecting or at least seeing a mature buck before dark.

About that time, Partin heard the distinct sound of a deer trotting through the blanket dry leaves. It was a really nice 130 class buck with a double main beam on its right side, but Partin knew there were bigger deer in the area and he decided to pass on the shot. This proved to be the right decision, because one of the largest bucks Partin had ever encountered showed up just a few minutes later.

The bruiser had extra-long tines and a ton of mass, which made the hunter’s heartbeat kick into overdrive. Without hesitation, Partin slowly came to full draw and settled his first pin on the monster buck’s vitals that was now standing at a mere 10-yards away. He released the arrow and the buck immediately kicked up its hind legs from the impact of the shot. Partin desperately tried to control his breathing as he watched his dream buck crash into the short corn stubble along the outer edge of the picked field.


As a diehard bow hunter, just covering this story makes me want to leave work early and climb into my treestand. By the way, Partin’s buck weighed 285 pounds and carried a typical 10-point rack that green scored 170 2/8.

After the standard drying period, Partin expects the buck will score in the mid to upper 160’s. Congratulations Terry on one heck of a hunt and thanks for sharing your story with all of us on the BBZ. Also, we would love to hear about what is going on in your neck of the woods. Please share some of your stories and scouting reports by posting a comment.