A break between systems and high barometer (1034) on Tuesday should make for some good deer activity. Light rain in many areas will persist, creating good cloud cover and below normal temperatures through the end of the week. The pressure should bottom out on Friday (996) and begin to rise making Saturday and Sunday great. Best days 2nd, 6th and 7th.


Rain in many areas on Tuesday should lighten up as pressure will spike on Wednesday which coincides with moon perigee. Total clearing and a peak barometer on Saturday should make for good activity also. Below average temperatures will increase daylight movement. Best days: 3rd and 6th.


A fairly quiet week culminates with a pressure peak on Tuesday. Also look for the new moon coinciding with falling barometer on Friday to make the rut kick start in many areas. Best days: 2nd and 5th.


A mild system will move through on Wednesday with light rain in areas. Extremely high barometer readings on Tuesday and Thursday make these good bets afield. Above average temperatures at times will hamper things a bit. Falling barometer on Saturday makes this a good day with the new moon effects. Best days: 2nd, 4th and 6th.


The northwest will have chances of precipitation on Tuesday with rain/snow possible on Friday and Saturday. Barometric pressure of 1034 on Tuesday with light rain/cloudy conditions should make this a hot day. Pressure bottoms out on Friday and should rise on Saturday with cooler temperatures. Best days: 2nd, 3rd and 6th.


As with the rest of country Tuesday looks like a good bet, along with Friday evening as a low should approach. Above average temperatures could hamper things a bit. Best days: 2nd and 5th.

Moon Times

What a great week for activity with a new moon on the 5th and perigee on the 3rd. Areas such as the NE and SE with below average temperatures should really see some effects. Best moon days Nov. 3rd-7th. A spike in the solar activity Kp index on the 2nd should show moderate effects also. Areas with above average temperatures like most of the central USA may find their morning stands a better bet this week. Good Luck!

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