As a hunter, wounding and losing an animal can be a very traumatic experience that is never really forgotten. In most cases, you find yourself replaying the entire hunt over and over again in your head.

Next, the infamous “what if” questions start to take over and then you finally realize there is no answer that will ever make you feel better about the situation. For the past two seasons, bowhunter Jason Harvison battled these agonizing feelings after losing a high-racked buck in his home state of Tennessee. Harvison had spent countless hours scouting and hunting this particular deer, but one misplaced shot with his bow triggered two straight years of personal grief. However, you will never believe how a second chance changed this hunter’s life.

Consequently, Harvison combed the entire hunting area for days in a desperate attempt to locate his buck that season. Unfortunately, the blood trail ran cold and the deer had seemingly disappeared without a trace. Fate suddenly stepped in the following summer when Harvison began getting pictures of the same buck on his trail-camera, which brought some relief to the hunter. On the other hand, he was still unable to connect with the wounded survivor that season. However, this year would prove to be a very different story.

Harvison was finally able to pattern and shoot the top-heavy bruiser that had been relentlessly haunting his dreams. After the shot, he decided to back out of the area and recover his deer the following morning. Ironically, this is where things take an interesting turn.

Upon entering the woods, Harvison and his hunting buddy spotted two basket-racked bucks feeding on acorns just a few yards ahead of them. They decided to stay put and watch these deer for a few minutes. This proved to be the right move, because a giant 11-pointer suddenly walked into view. Without hesitation, Harvison ranged the buck and steadied his pin for a second shot. As luck would have it, the arrow found its mark right behind the deer’s shoulder and Harvison now had two giant bucks on the ground.

In most cases, losing a trophy whitetail never has a happy ending period. All I can say is that Harvison must really be living his life right to have a second chance that produces an unbelievable pair of punched tags. Way to hang in their Jason and congratulations on turning a bad situation into a hunt of a lifetime.