This week starts out with the Northwest and Midwest in a early-season deep freeze. These cold temperatures will spread into the northeast and southeast by the weekend improving late rut activity. Numerous storms will cross the USA this week. The lulls between the snow and rain should create some great hunting opportunities. Here’s your region:

NE – The week starts out with rain in many areas. A major low will set in on Friday (1004) followed by dropping temperatures. Thanksgiving day will be a great day to get out. Best days: Nov. 25th and 28th.

SE – The southeast has been relatively dry and mild. Cooling by the weekend along with a low-pressure bottom of 1012 on Friday, followed by rapid rising on Saturday should make the weekend active. Best days: Nov. 25th and 27th.

MW – Freezing cold temperatures and snow have really picked things up in many areas. The barometer will jump between passing fronts. Both sides of a major low on Thursday should be great. Best days: Nov. 24th, 26th and 27th.

SC – Mid week will see a drop in temperatures for many areas. Temperatures will start to rise on Friday along with the barometer. This should peak on Saturday before a drop occurs again on Sunday. Best Days: Nov. 26th and 27th.

NW – Snow and more snow. This region is getting frigid cold with numerous reports of heavy snowfall. A nationwide high pressure of 1036 on Thursday and Friday should make movement excellent these days. A drop to 1008 on Saturday comes with another front. Best days: Nov. 25th and 26th.

SW – This region will see a low bottom out on Wednesday and a high- pressure spike on Saturday. The days in between are my picks for this area. Best days: Nov. 25th and 26th.
Moon** – According to harvest records the PM hours on Friday and Saturday are rated good. The rest of the week is fair. Solar activity is quiet and should have minimal effect. To read about the specific forecast where you hunt got to OL Weather.

Good Luck!