November has come and gone and OL’s Great Deer Gear Giveaway is over. Every day in November we gave away deer hunting gear to readers who entered the contest.

The lucky winners are listed below. If you are one of the winners make sure to e-mail us your address if you haven’t already. We plan to ship out all of the prizes ASAP. Send e-mails to (use the same e-mail address you used to enter the contest so we know you are the legitimate winner).

Thanks for participating everyone and look for more contests and giveaways in the future.

Week 1
Chris Martin, David Janssen, Kim Harvey, Elena Brewer, Donald Kratz, Kathy Eisenhofer, Dennis Pointer

Week 2
K’Lynn Wait, Luke J. Hedquist, Nick Spine, Water Carpenter, Brian Darnell, Ronnie Owen, Octavio M. Casuso
Week 3**
Martin Goldberg, William Baxter, Stephen Kay, Jacqueline Nikolish, Carl Slaughter, Jr, Ron Kirkpatrick, Scott Fassbender

Week 4
Kent C Harrison, Mary Lynn Hayes, David Watts, Dorothy Zuk, William H Guinn, Edward Deline, John Rascon

Week 5
Wendy Owen, Robert H Lane