From the “It-couldn’t-happen-to-a-nicer-guy” department comes word that Jim Crumley of Trebark camouflage fame has won the Virginia Lottery’s Millionaire Raffle.

Crumley, who compared the adrenaline rush with spotting a big buck from a treestand, plans to spend the money to boost retirement savings and sponsor a family trip.

Jim said he typically buys several quick-pick tickets a week at the store for two lottery games. On a whim, he bought a ticket that day for the Millionaire Raffle, a game that assigns a number to players. The drawing occurred on New Year’s Day.

“That’s about as good a boy as you’re going to get,” said Crumley’s hunting buddy Dave Saunders. “Good things happen to good people.”

Amen to that Dave. Remember that it was Crumley’s Trebark pattern that changed the course of the camouflage industry forever setting the stage for realistic camo pattern design. Outdoor Life wishes Jim and Sherry nothing but the best. Have fun guys!