Hunters are a resourceful group and ingenuity is the backbone of hunting. It’s the reason we’re able to shoot bigger whitetails year after year. Do you need proof?

To start with you can look back to prehistory to see the creativity of your cavemen brethren. The atlatl, spear, spear points and the originality of using drives to push animals off cliffs were all innovative ideas back before computers. Even today hunters are inventive and innovative. Where would you be without your rangefinder? How would successful would you be at scouting without a trail camera? How far would you get without your ATV?

Speaking of ATVs, this group of hunters outdid themselves in the resourcefulness and innovative categories. Apparently the trio of hunters wanted to all ride together, yet faced the problem of getting all of their equipment in the same truck. The result is an impress packing job that even the experts at UPS could learn something from. I’d sure like the government to take a look at their efficiency.

Whether these guys were going for whitetails or muleys doesn’t matter. What matters is that they used ingenuity to streamline their pursuit.