Right about now it seems like the whitetail opener is still an eternity away, but the time to start slinging arrows is actually just around the corner. It’s definitely not too early to start blazing trails to stands and cutting shooting lanes. But, you’re not going to get very far without the right equipment. Here’s a quick look at three tools that will make short work out of cutting and clearing out early-season setups.


Hooyman Extendible Tree Saw
A clear shooting lane can mean the difference between punching your tag and watching the buck of your dreams walk off. But many times it’s hard to reach overhanging limbs and branches that are high off the ground. This is exactly why the Hooyman Extendible Tree Saw is a must-have for treestand hunters. The folding saw is extremely light-weight and carries a premium high carbon steel blade that features a special four-edge tooth design. It attaches to a compact telescopic arm that is super sturdy and can easily extend up to five feet. There’s also a 10-foot option.


Hunter’s Specialties Ratchet Pruners**
A handy pair of ratchet pruners will let you cut smaller limbs and brush quickly and quietly. The new Ratchet Pruners from Hunter’s Specialties feature a non-stick coated high-carbon steel blade that can easily be re-sharpened when needed. In addition, the ergonomic design makes it easy on your hands and the ratcheting action of the pruners increases leverage up to 700 percent.



SOG Sogfari Machete**
The Sog Machete, in 18 inches or 13 inches, is the perfect tool for blazing trails when you’re setting up in the thick stuff. The Sogfari line machetes are perfectly weighted and have comfortable handles for extended periods of use. These mean-looking blades also include a saw on the back with deep-cutting teeth that are capable of eating through almost anything.