In recent years, there have been several studies conducted by wildlife biologists over fawn mortality rates caused by natural predation. Many experts believe that whitetail fawns account for nearly 80 percent of a coyote’s diet during the late spring and summer months in some areas. This video clearly shows just how aggressive these four-legged predators can be toward vulnerable fawns.

Luckily, a curious bystander was able to spook the hungry predators and temporarily save the young deer from becoming a coyote sandwich. In most cases, a fawn facing this dark predicament would have never survived such an encounter. This is exactly why hardcore whitetail hunters should take an active role and save some fawns inside of their favorite hunting areas right now. The summer months can be the perfect time to declare an all out war on these canine predators (in states where it’s legal to hunt coyotes year-round, of course). Here’s how to do it:

• Target Whitetail Summer Hotspots – setup along the edges of open agricultural food sources such as soybean or green fields. Isolated pockets of cover near watering holes and apple orchards can also be prime locations to connect with hungry coyotes.

• Try Fawn Distress Calls – venison craving coyotes simply can’t resist the frantic screams of a fawn in distress during the summer months. The sounds of a fawn being attacked simply translate to a quick and easy meal for any coyotes within hearing distance of your calls.

• Utilize Lost Fawn Bleats – if distress calls are not producing, then try short calling sequences consisting of emotional lost fawn bleats. This sneaky tactic is perfect for coaxing wary or call-shy coyotes into the open.
• Apply Doe Scent** – attacking a coyote’s nose by spraying doe urine in a 360 degree circle around your setup will help fool those extra-cautious dogs that like to hang-up just out of range.

• Setup A Fawn Decoy – carefully positioning a fawn decoy inside of areas that offer good visibility can add a whole new degree of realism to your setup. Taking advantage of a predator’s eyes, nose and ears with all of the strategies above will enable you to exploit coyotes throughout the summer months and save a few fawns in the process.

For trail camera photos of a coyote chasing down a fawn go to Killer Coyote.