It’s safe to say that most BBZ fans are fired-up and ready for the opening day of season to finally get here. Over the past few weeks, many of you have been busy posting in-the-field scouting reports and some of your best trail-cam pictures on our site. Undoubtedly, we are all taking steps right now to make sure everything is perfect for that first hunt of the year. However, we also need to take some extra measures that will protect both our lives and hunting gear this fall.

Hunter Safety System’s Ultra-Lite Vest

The last thing any of us need is to take a nose dive out of one our lofty treestands during the opening day of season. In order to stay safe and make it to the next hunt, you might want to check out the new Ultra-Lite and Ultra-Light X-treme hunting safety vest from HSS ( Both of these compact vests are loaded with innovative features like silent rubber-coated buckles, comfortable padded shoulder straps, and they weigh only 2-pounds each. Hunters will also love the extreme ventilation properties of these vests during those hot and muggy early-season hunts.

Lonewolf’s 7″ Treestand Cable Lock


As deer hunters, we also know how bad it would feel to wake-up early on Saturday morning and find that our brand new treestand has been stolen. This is exactly why you need to protect your costly investments. On that note, the new Lonewolf 7″ Treestand Cable Lock offers hunters a ballistic-grade lock and heavy-duty cable that is shielded by an extra-thick weatherproof coating. These durable and super-safe cable locks will help keep your stands safe and secure throughout the fall. Visit for additional information.

Spypoint’s TINY-W Trail-Cam


Another hot new product that hunters will definitely want to check out this season is the TINY-W from Spypoint Cameras. This compact 8mp Infrared digital surveillance camera boasts zero second trigger speed, six multi-shot settings, and operates on AA batteries. The unit is also solar panel compatible and each picture is remotely recorded to an SD card that can be kept safe in a separate black box receiver. With this feature, hunters can safely check their trail-cam without tracking into highly sensitive areas and spooking deer. Plus, it’s also possible to catch intruders stealing your trail-camera with the hidden black box receiver. Visit for more information about the TINY-W trail-cam.