It’s still early enough in the season that we welcome the snow–a few inches maybe, but not two feet! Ironically, on the 20th anniversary of the Perfect Storm came another fairfly rare fall snowstorm that has buried much of the Northeast in a foot or more of snow.

More than two feet cover the ground outside my Berskshire Hills deer camp and I can’t help but think that a snowfall this deep, this early will be a game changer for the rut. Here’s what I mean…

With almost a foot of snow on the ground by nightfall last night, all manner of deer seemed to be up on their feet and feeding heavily on apples. Make no mistake, the deer in much of the Northeast are on an apple pattern this fall.

With virtually no mast available to the whitetails and with heavy snow on the ground, which will likely not melt off for at least a week or two, whitetails will be foregoing browse and digging up apples with purpose for quite some time.

Bottom line, don’t let the snow dissuade you because now is the perfect time to bowhunt in the Northeast. Does and fawns will be feeding like they mean it and know where all the apples in their territory are buried. They will be there. Can the good bucks be very far behind?