Jeff Weber from Johnsburg, Wisconsin was going through trail camera pictures when his jaw dropped at the sight of a monster 15-point typical buck. A buck like this doesn’t get big by being stupid and it wouldn’t be long after the archery season opened that the brute would likely change his pattern.

As a gun hunter, Jeff would have a limited time during the short firearms season to pursue this buck. Jeff’s solution was simple– buy some archery gear, practice and get after the buck during bow season.
On October 5th Jeff was bowhunting when the giant whitetail stepped out and presented him with a 30-yard shot, according to the FDL Reporter. The shot was a little far back, but with the help of some friends, Jeff was able to find the buck that same night.

The 15-point buck has the potential to make the record books with a 22 3/8″ spread which is two inches wider than Wayne Schumacher’s Wisconsin buck from 2009.

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