Check this buck out!

This picture recently found its way to the Outdoor Life inbox in an email that said, “Ohio does it again, 230″ gross.” Unfortunately, that’s about all that’s we know about this buck at this time.

With incredible mass, tine length and 11 or 12 heavy points (depending on whether there’s a G5 hidden on the left antler) this is one buck that would have even the most successful of hunters shaking at the knees.

It takes a lot of antler for a buck to reach the 200″ mark. A combination of tine length, mass and overall number of points coupled with age allow a handful of whitetails to grow enough antler to enter the 200 club. It amazes me to see such long main beams with heavy mass carried throughout. About the only thing this buck doesn’t have is perfect symmetry when it comes to tine length. Outside of the G1 on the buck’s left main beam, the remaining points are all longer than their corresponding points on the buck’s right antler.

So we just have to know, has anyone heard anything about this buck? Is it real? Is it a scam? Was it shot behind an enclosure? There’s no way a buck of this caliber would fly under the radar or go unnoticed. Comment below!