Each week we publish a NorthCountry Deer Report (Dougherty Deer Report) which is read by thousands of northern deer hunters. This week’s report acknowledged that while the primary rut had pretty much wound down a secondary and much less dramatic rut was flaring up. We have already received dozens of e-mails reporting breeding activity from readers confirming our prediction.

Most of the activity is the result of does that were not impregnated the first time around and came into heat 28 days later. Most of our primary breeding seemed to occur around the first to second week of November this year (like most years) so this week is the second time around week.

Other mature does are just getting around to their first heat of the breeding season
but their numbers are relatively small. This includes some doe fawns which are coming into heat now as they have reached a body weight of about 70 pounds which is sufficient size for some female deer to conceive. Roughly 5-10 percent of doe fawns bear young each year in most northern whitetail states.

Bottom line: don’t be surprised if you see some breeding activity if you are in the woods this weekend and don’t hit the malls yet. There is still some rut-related activity going on and if you get in the middle of it the hunting could be terrific.

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