It wasn’t long ago when women’s apparel was non-existent in the hunting industry. Now you can watch husband and wife teams like Lee and Tiffany on T.V. You can be sure to see a story in just about any hunting magazine about a woman’s giant whitetail or a young girl’s first turkey. It’s great to see companies dedicated to women’s apparel. After all, hunters spend time in bad weather, long hours on the stand and cramped up in a ground blind – shouldn’t women also be dressed in comfortable, high-tech clothes?

Prios has recognized the need for women specific apparel in the hunting industry and for many years has been designing high quality clothing for women. The new Prios Ultra Backcountry shirt is a tough shirt with the pocket space for hunting essentials. Made from 100% polyester birds-eye fabric, this shirt keeps moisture away from the skin keeping you cool in warm temperatures and warm in cool temperatures. The neck zipper allows ventilation in warm weather.

With spring turkey hunting right around the corner, having a shirt like the Ultra Backcountry shirt can make or break a hunt. The early spring is known for drastic temperature changes that bring about high humidity and on and off rain showers. Having a polyester shirt ensures you’ll stay dry instead of cold, wet and miserable. The more comfortable you are then the longer you’ll stay afield and the greater your chances of success. The zipper neck will allow hunters to control their temperature on the morning hike to the stand or up the mountain and then allow them to zip up once they’ve reached their hunting location to keep warm.

The Ultra Backcountry Shirt also has unique and convenient pockets, which are perfect for holding calls, gloves, hand warmers and other hunting necessities. The ultra Backcountry is great for the hunter on the move.

The Ultra Backcountry Shirt goes with the Ultra Fitted Pants. The pants are designed with a 100% polyester brushed tricot 380 gram fabric, the Ultra Fitted Pants boast the four “S’s”: soft, sturdy, silent and snag-resistant.

Fitted just below the natural waist for a form fitting and functional feel, the Ultra Fitted Pants are designed to allow more room through the hips and thighs to enhance comfort and function. The pants feature large cargo pockets with magnetic closures for silence, a boot cut fit, elasticized cuffing and cord lock to cinch cuff closer to the boot during the hunt. Knee pleats enhance movement and comfort while sitting, squatting or stalking.

So ladies if you’re looking for hunting apparel made specifically for you, check out the new Ultra Backcountry Shirt and Fitted Pants by Prios.