It’s no secret that whitetail populations are exploding in subrban areas across the country. And each year, an increasing number of suburban areas look to hunters as their deer populations grow out of control.

That’s now happening in Bloomington, Indiana and the County Deer Task Force has recommended that deer within the city limits be hunted in order to reduce the population.

It’s a common scenario in suburban areas. The deer become a nuisance to the general public, a task force is put in place to assess the situation and provide recommendations. The options are either expensive sharpshooters, ineffective deer birth control, or effective hunting by local citizens free of charge. The latter inevitably wins.

Once hunting becomes the clear choice, the anti-hunters and protesters usually follow with their list of reasons why hunting should not be used as an option. They never seem to remember that after deer nearly disappeared in the late 19th century, it was hunters who led conservation efforts to reintroduce the whitetail and restore their populations.

One of the reasons that suburban areas tend to attract more deer is their well maintained landscapes that are usually pumped with fertilizers and nutrients – more so than the vegetation in the woods.

For that reason, urban wildlife managers have to figure out what’s the ideal social carrying capacity for deer rather than the actual carrying capacity of the land. The land may be able to support a certain size deer herd, but if it’s a nuisance to the locals, then more deer need to be taken.

Deer populations will continue to rise and over browsing will continue to occur in the woods if hunters are not allowed to keep the population in check.

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