Marina Chapman has led an utterly amazing life.

Or she might be insane.

In her forthcoming book, The Girl With No Name: The Incredible True Story of the Girl Raised by Monkeys Marina details how she was kidnapped from her family’s estate in a remote mountain village in South America in 1954 at the age of four. When her captors abandoned her in the Colombian jungle she survived by imitating the actions of a troop of capuchin monkeys she came upon. She learned to live in the jungle by eating what the monkeys ate and doing what the monkeys did.

That’s right, she was raised by monkeys.

During the six years she lived with the monkeys, she forgot how to speak, how to interact with humans, and for all practical purposes became a monkey. Marina was found at the age of 10 by a band of hunters who took the monkey girl to the village of Cucuta where they traded her to a brothel for a parrot.

Huh, I didn’t know parrots were used as currency in brothels in those days. When Marina learned she was being groomed to work in the brothel as a prostitute, she planned her getaway. She escaped and found work as a maid and blah blah blah. I was only interested in the monkey raising part of the story.

Ok, and the parrot part.

Do you believe Marina’s story? Is it at all plausible?

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