State and federal politicians across the country are hard at work crafting gun-control legislation in the post-Newtown era. But unfortunately, many of these lawmakers know precious little about guns, shooting, ammunition, or hunting. The latest example comes from four Wisconsin democrats: State Senator Nikiya Harris and Representatives Mandela Barnes, Evan Goyke and Fred Kessler.

This quartet spent last week pitching a proposal that states: “Whoever intentionally sells, transports, manufactures, or possesses any hollow point bullet, bullet that expands or flattens … is guilty of a Class H felony,” according to

The problem is that under Wisconsin state law: “no person shall hunt any deer or bear…with ammunition loaded with nonexpanding type bullets…”

In a state full of deer hunters, this bit of legislation naturally caught plenty of attention.

State Rep. Dave Craig (R-Vernon) was quick to issue a statement: “This assault on our state’s rich hunting tradition is appalling. While I’m rarely surprised by the degree some will go to attack our 2nd Amendment Rights, these democrats have demonstrated just how far they will go to achieve their goal of suppressing the rich traditions so many in Wisconsin hold dearly.”

It wasn’t long before the four lawmakers noticed their folly and issued a press release stating: “After receiving feedback from constituents and colleagues regarding the circulation of a preliminary bill draft pertaining to firearm ammunition, State Representatives Kessler, Barnes, Goyke and Senator Harris have contacted the Legislative Reference Bureau to request that revisions be made to LRB-0894 that would remove any conflicts of law and provide exemptions that honor our state’s great sporting heritage.”

That’s political jargon for: Whoops!