Each year, we round up photos of the country’s biggest bucks and most thrilling hunting stories for the Outdoor Life Deer of the Year contest. Now, we’re calling on you to help us pick America’s best buck. We’ve selected the 24 finalists and divided them by region. Today we feature matchups from the Northeast and the West. The overall winner will be awarded a Cabela’s gift card and a Weaver range finder in addition to eternal bragging rights. Select your favorite buck from each match-up and then hit the submit button at the bottom to enter your votes.

Today’s Matchups…


**Pigtails Buck vs State Land Monster **

  • Pigtails Buck (left)
  • State Land Monster (right)

**First Bow Buck vs Walk-Out Buck **

  • First Bow Buck (left)
  • Walk-Out Buck (right)

**300-Pound Muley vs AZ 193 Buck **

  • 300-Pound Muley (left)
  • AZ 193 Buck (right)

**Public Land Bruiser vs Washington Whitetail **

  • Public Land Bruiser (left)
  • Washington Whitetail (right)

Here’s a quick look at the standings:

Last week’s winners from the Midwest and South region
Wisco Freakshow (43%) vs. Slash (56%)
Heartstopper (27%) vs. 3-Beams (72%)
Lone Star Monster (79%) vs. Heussner (20%)
Virginia Rutter (24%) vs. Swamp King (75%)