With deer season upon us, it is always fun to see which states’ hunters are getting the job done on whitetails. The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) surveys states and providences on all things deer and is good enough to share their findings with us.

The average success rate for whitetail hunters in the U.S. in 2011 was 48 percent. Tennessee hunters took top honors with 83 percent of all hunters taking home venison. Virginia was a close second at 80% followed by Mississippi (65 percent), New Jersey (63%) and South Carolina (70%).

Regionally speaking, 58% of hunters in the southeast put meat in the freezer. Midwestern and northeastern hunters were just about even at 42% and 43% respectively.

Some real harvest numbers were racked up by states offering multiple deer harvest opportunities. The survey shows that 34% of hunters in New Jersey took 3 or more deer. South Carolina with a harvest of 3 or more deer was second at 33% followed by Maryland and Georgia both at 20%.

For a guy who started hunting Pennsylvania whitetails over 50 years ago, these are some pretty impressive statistics. I remember well the days when the half the town came out to celebrate a lone yearling buck hanging from a front porch railing. In fact, most states rarely broke the 25% mark.