This footage comes from the guys over at Wired to Hunt (check them out on Facebook here). One of their team members, Josh Hillyard, shot the buck shown in the clip. Mark Kenyon, Hillyard’s hunting partner, was posted up about 200 yards away and heard some crashing coming his way about 5 minutes after Hillyard shot.

Three or four coyotes had zeroed in on the buck and cornered it in a small creek.

When I saw this clip, I all but shouted: “Shoot the coyotes!” at my computer screen. But, Mark said in the comments section that they were out of range and so was the buck.

This video should serve as just another reminder that coyotes can track a buck very quickly.

Every year this causes a dilemma for bowhunters all over the country: Blood trail a hit buck right away and risk bumping him or wait for a few hours and run the risk of coyotes getting to him first (see what our whitetail expert Craig Dougherty has to say about blood trailing deer).

Also check out the full story behind Hillyard and Kenyon’s hunt when they post it on their site in the next few days.