Even though 11-year-old Coe Klauer brought in one of the best bucks to the Illinois Deer and Turkey Expo last weekend, a lot of people felt bad for him – or at least they said they did.

They said they felt sorry for the kid because he had shot his “buck of a lifetime” at age 11. Now, any buck he shoots would likely be smaller (his buck netted 163 2/8). What does he have to hunt for?
But, I’m not sure I buy this whole “buck of a lifetime” deal. Coe might never shoot a buck that’s bigger than the one he killed with his grandpa during the youth season last year, but I bet he kills a couple that could be just as meaningful. Some day he’ll probably shoot his first deer with a bow, he’ll recover a deer he thought he’d never find, and down the road he might even take his own kid hunting and guide him to his first buck.

Then again, maybe there is something to the “buck of a lifetime” statement. But if there is, I don’t think you measure it in inches.

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