Some details remain to be worked out, but as of late Monday night it is official: crossbows are now officially a legal hunting implement in New York State. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law that allows for the use of crossbows during at least part of the general archery season and through the entirety of the general firearms season.

It may not be everything many New York sportsmen and women asked, but is seen as a huge step forward by the New York Crossbow Coalition, which squared off with the New York Bowhunter’s association for years to get a season ratified.

“Today, crossbows have been awarded their proper place in the sporting community,” said Rick McDermott of the NYCC.

It seems that the winners will far outnumber the losers in this far-too-long-lasting debate. For starters, our wounded warriors won big on this one, many of whom will now be able to take to the woods with their bowhunting brethren. Older-aged bowhunters, kids and small-framed shooters will all benefit as well. Hundreds of archery shops will also receive a much needed shot in the arm.

The crossbow will now be turned over to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation to work on setting the precise regulations within the parameters set forth in the budget. The process will include a Public Comment period.