With the close of deer seasons across the nation, it’s clear that all is not well in the deer world. Hunter success rates are generally down all over the country. The reasons are many and varied: tough winters, coyotes, bears, wolves, and overharvest to name a few. That’s the bad news.

The good news is deer hunters are making history by banding together to do something about it. Deer enthusiasts are rallying under the banner of the National Deer Alliance, whose mission is to ensure that deer and our deer-hunting heritage will be with us for generations to come. A history-making, first-ever deer summit was held last year in Branson, Missouri. Threats to deer and the future of deer hunting were identified and summit attendees left united and determined to do something about it.

A second North American Deer Summit is planned for this year (Louisville KY, May 6-8). This year’s summit will pick up where last year’s summit left off, the attendees will be identifying which issues the organization will be working on. And you are invited. But more than that, you are needed. If you know what’s going on in your deer woods, you need to be there. If you need to get something off your chest, you need to be there. If you want to save deer hunting, you need to be there. If you simply live to hunt deer, you need to be there. There will be plenty of celebrities in attendance and more deer experts collected in one place than you can imagine, but without strong hunter attendance it will be just another meeting. The voice of the deer hunter is what drives the NDA, and the NDA needs to hear from you.

Each week, the NDA polls its membership on all kinds of deer issues. We ask how your season went, whether you have predator issues, how you hunt, and whether deer diseases have hit in your area. From now until the summit in May, we will be polling members as to what they would like to discuss at the summit. As the Executive Director of the NDA I can assure you that, like last year’s summit, this year’s conference will be all about listening to hunters and getting to work.

There is a lot at stake here, perhaps more than any of us realize. If you can’t make the summit, go to and join the NDA. It’s free, and you can start weighing in on deer issues immediately. Every week you’ll get a newsletter full of all kinds of deer information. You’ll be kept abreast of what’s going on in the deer world. Every newsletter asks a few questions, which helps us keep our finger on the pulse of the deer hunter. We won’t try to sell you stuff, or sell your name. We just need to hear from you on all things deer. And while you are visiting the NDA site, be sure to register for the North American Deer Summit. Everybody who matters in the deer world will be there and I can assure you, you’ll be making history.