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Ed Pepin, Maine (above)
“I’d started a new job and didn’t have much hunting time—only a few hours one Saturday. I headed into a thicket and spotted a buck but missed clean. Out from behind a pine steps a monster. After a misfire, I chambered a fresh round and shot. It felt good. I found blood and then saw its antler in the high grass. My buck grossed 188 1/8.”


Chad McKibben, Ohio
“On January 6, wind chills hovered near ₋25. On stand, overlooking a hay field, I spotted a buck at 140 yards—one that I’d been hunting for two years. I cocked the hammer on my muzzleloader and fired—nothing. I quickly thumbed the hammer again, steadied the scope, and fired. My buck was down. He measured 165 B&C.”


Matt Serwa, Wisconsin
“Suddenly, this giant buck was standing just 20 yards from my stand­­. I never heard him approach. I drew back, but my peep was twisted. I did my best to peer around the peep, but I shot over his back. I missed a second shot, too. Somehow, he gave me a third. With the peep aligned, I made a pretty good hit. The 19-pointer grossed 201 3/8.”


Jon Dahlstrom, Idaho
“My brother, Jeremy, and I were finally fortunate enough to draw tags close to our hometown of Pocatello. We passed up several bucks before locating a nice 4×4. I won a quick game of rock-paper-scissors and took the buck. During the last few hours of daylight on the last day of the season, Jeremy got his buck, too—a dandy 4×4 with stickers.”


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